Ten Benefits of Blogging

I have been blogging for several years now but only began to take it seriously this past year. My blogging journey began when I stumbled upon a company owned by Google called Blogger.com which offered free tools to build a website.

In fact Blogger provides you with several free templates which you can customize in addition to a domain name hosted on their server. You can host your blog on your own domain if you like to.
Here are some benefits I found while blogging:

1) Easy to manage. A blog can be set up by even a novice in no time. All you have to do is post and publish. Blogging can get as simple as that or more complex if you wish.

2) Easy to update. Blogs can be updated monthly, weekly or daily, it’s totally up to you. Even adding a few paragraphs a day can be done in no time at all and can still be beneficial to your search rankings.

3) Get indexed quickly. Search engine spiders crawl blogs with greater frequency than static webpages. I have had webpages that took over eight months to get indexed in Google whereas Yahoo sometimes index my blogs in weeks, sometimes even days.

4) Post your articles. If you write articles then you can post all of them on your blog in addition to free reprint content that is widely available everywhere. The more content you have the better.

5) Sell advertising space. If you have a popular blog then you can create a revenue stream by selling ad space. Blog-ads is one of several places where you can sell your ad space to major companies.

6) Monetize your blog. Similar to offering ad space, you can use Adsense in your blog to monetize your content. What I love about Blogger is that once you plug the Adsense code into your main template, a new page is created and Adsense is automatically displayed  when you make a post.

7) Review your affiliate products. If you have a blog that is in a niche then you can find affiliate programs for that niche and do reviews of them for a commission. Every time someone purchases the product or service through your link you make money.

8) It is still early to catch on. Blogs and RSS feeds are used by the minority of internet users which makes it excellent for you to start blogging right now. Less than 10% of the Americans which is the biggest online market use this emerging trend.

9) Can be syndicated. An easy way for your readers to stay in touch with updates is to add your blog to their My Yahoo and My MSN. They can see the latest information and how long ago it was added.

10) Get Indexed even quicker! Clever marketers know that if you add your blogs to My Yahoo you can have it indexed in no time by Yahoo. You can also use these two websites to inform blog directories that you have updated your content:

a) http://www.bulkping.com
b) http://247pinger.com

So with all those benefits in mind there should be no reason for you not to start blogging right away.
Get to it and Good Luck!
Best Wishes.